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Friday, March 20, 2009

How to recover your lost data from Flash disk which is caused by the Virus

I want to tell you my experience about how to recover the lost data from my flash disk. I had this problem many times when i went to Warnet. When, I plugged my Flash disk (Kingstone data traveler G2) into a computer to upload some pictures, I got all data in my flash lost. There are some folder that have extension *.exe with the same name with my folder I creted before. I click that folder to find out what was inside the folder, but nothing happened. I was thinking that my Folder is hidden caused by the virus. I tried set the computer shows all hidden file, but it useless. My folder didn't apear in my flash. I was very confused with this problem, because there were some datas that i really need and I didn't back up my file yet to my computer in my home. I never thought that this problem will happen to me. I tried to find out in the internet about the solution of this problem and I got some solution from some sites.

For the first time I tried to use that solution ti make my data back, but it didn't work. I got a little confused then I tried to changed some steps from that sites. Here are what I did using "Command Prompt".
  1. click start > run > types "CMD" (without ")
  2. After the Command Prompt came up, types the partition where your flash placed, for example, F: ,G: , H: or others.
  3. the Command prompt will go to your flash partition, then type this; attrib -s -h /s /d
  4. Wait for a minute and then your lost data in your flash caused by the virus will be soon Appeared. Then it's done. You can Save your data in your computer.
That's all what I did. You'd better to try this problem if you got the same problem with me. I hope this writing can help you for then.


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