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Friday, May 1, 2009

My favorite music and band

Many people in the world like music. They have their own likes of music, such as rock music, hip-hop, R n’ B, pop, rap and many others. I also really like the music, but I like better listening to the rock music. You know, for me rock music can loose my stress and make my feeling better when I listen this music. Some people, for instance my friends, they told me it’s really crazy. For them, rock music just made their stress bigger when they were listening to this music. I wanted to laugh out loud when told me that, but I didn’t. I only told them “we are different, so it is possible if you had the different thoughts of rock music”. That’s what I could tell them at the time. Necessarily, I still love rock music and don’t care what they said about this rock music. In this writing, I will tell you about a rock band which can be your reference for listening rock music. The band named “Linkin Park”. You know, that band is really famous in rock music fans society. They are also my favorite band. I take this band to be one of your references, because they are really easy to be discovered and their music is not boring. You should easy to find them if you are interested in this band. I am sure that you will like them; at least I am hoping it will be. Ok, I will talk about the band itself.

Linkin Park is the rock band comes from Agoura hills, California, USA. They were formed in 1996 which headed by mike shinoda. Name “Linkin Park” derives from “Lincoln Park” which is the place where they always gather. Actually, this band just had 5 personnel inside when it formed for the first time. Mike shinoda is the vocalist at the time. Then, mike hired one person to be a second vocalist named Chester bennington. So, they had 6 personnel inside after all. They are Mike as vocalist, Chester as second vocalist, John Hans as turntables player, Brad Dalson as guitarist, Dave Farrell as Bassist, and Rob Bourdon as drummer. From all the personnel of linkin park, I like Chester Bennington as the vocalist than Mike Shinoda. Chester’s vocal is really cool. He can cry harder than mike. Mike is good only for being a rapper. One thing than made Chester different with any other bands’ vocalist is, when Chester cried hard in the song, he could easily turn his voice in the smooth voice if the next lyrics should take a smooth vocal. His voice is even good in singing the smooth lyrics in their songs. That is something that any other vocalists couldn’t do. You can see that if you hear his voice. Well, back to the band, after that reforming by adding Chester in the band, they started make the songs and albums.

Linkin Park has had 4 albums until now. Linkin Park released their first album in 2000 with title “Hybrid Theory”. Their songs were becoming famous all over the world. I was eleven when the first time I heard their songs. That was also the first time I fall in love with rock music. I didn’t know why, but first time I heard their music it was so amazing. At the time, I didn’t know what the meaning of the songs they sang and I didn’t even know the band’s name. I just like their music and also the voice of the vocalist. Their next album was released in 2001 with title “Reanimation”. When I heard the songs of this album, I directly guessed that these songs belonged to them. This time I had already known their name, I mean their band’s name. I was planning to buy their CD at the time, but I didn’t have much money for buying their CD. You know what I did to get the CD? I lied to my Mom by telling her that I need money for my subjects. That’s a big sin, huh? I hope God forgives me. “Meteora” is their third album. It is released in 2002. This album was really booming in that year. Their CD sold until 800.000 copies for the first week. It’s really big amount. I bought the CD but I didn’t make the same thing by telling lies to my Mom for getting the money. I bought the CD by my own using money which I got from my scholarships. This time I didn’t make a sin. This success of their third album made them take a tour around the US. After released their third album, they stopped making songs. They had a side projects. They made a featuring project with Jay-Z. At this side project, Mike Shinoda went out from Linkin Park and reformed a new band named “Fort Minor”. After they take a side projects, Linkin Park started make songs. They released a new album with title “Minutes to Midnight” in 2006. They are left 5 personnel inside after Mike Shinoda had got out from the band. In this album, their songs and music are different with their song which used to be. I thought it because Mike’s voice is not longer presented. You know, Mike is a rapper. So, there is no more Rap music touching in their rock music. Even their songs and music are now different, but I still love them. They are still my favorite band till now. So far, after I heard their all their songs, I had some songs that I like the most. You know every people had their own feeling to the songs itself. It can be because the songs described their love story or their life. Well, that’s depends.

I love almost all the songs of Linkin Park. Mostly, Linkin Park songs are telling about life. They seldom made a love song like the other bands. In their first album, my favorite song is “Runaway”. Besides I loved the arrangement of the music, this song is also telling about someone who wanted to runaway from what he had done. Maybe this song describes what I ever did in past and I still do that until now. You don’t have to know what I did, do you? It’s my privacy. In their second album, I love song with title “Breaking the habit”. I think this is a really cool song. Music arrangement of this song is wonderful. You know, I still love this song till now. I never felt bored with this song even though Linkin Park has had a new album. About the song, it tells about someone who wanted to break the habit which is been years they hold. I love this song’s lyric because it happened to me. I want to break the habit that I had been hold for years. Well, I don’t want to be bounded by the habit itself. I want to do whatever I like. In reanimation album, there aren’t any of their songs that I like. This album is just about recycled of Hybrid Theory album, so it is just the same songs. In their last album “Minutes to Midnight”, I got 2 songs that I loved the most. They are with title “what I have done” and “Leave out All the Rest”. “What I have done” describes about the war. That is what I watched from their video clip. Actually, I don’t know what this song tells about. I just like the music arrangement than the song itself. It also occurred in “leave all the rest” song. I like the music arrangement better than the song. Overall, I like all their music arrangement caused of it is rock and alternative-rock. Talking about the music arrangement, I also had some bands that pretty cool in arranging the music.

Linkin Park is not the only band rock that I like. I still had several bands that I like, but they weren’t taking Linkin Park down as my favorite. The bands that I talk about are also awesome, for instance Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlote, Paramore, Fall Out Boys, Fly Leaf, and Panic at the Disco. From all bands that exist in music entertainment, I take them as my example because they can be the other references for you listening rock music. I am pretty sure that you would like them even though you are not a fan of rock music. At last, all that bands are also rock bands. So, I also like them, but not for became my favorite. Linkin Park is the one in my heart and it will last forever.

I think I have told you all about my favorite band and music. I love rock music and Linkin Park as my favorite band. I listen to this music for make my stress getting out of my mind. You should try listen to this music when you are stress. If your stress getting bigger when you listen to rock music, just stop listening. That’s not my responsibility if you became a real crazy person. I hope it will not happen to you and you will enjoy the rock music.

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