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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Differences between Indonesian culture and American Culture

There are many differences between American and Indonesian Culture. here is some examples that make them different:

Indonesia is home to hundreds of forms of music, with those from the islands of Java, Sumatra and Bali being frequently recorded. The traditional music of central and East Java and Bali is the gamelan. While Gorontalo’s traditional music is “polopalo”.  About the genre of music, Indonesia can make a hundred genres of music, starting from “koroncong “ music until pop and rock that was imported from the other countries. In Indonesia, each continent has special characters of music.  So, it created many genres of music in Indonesia. In Gorontalo, there are some musics that used for dancing, like: dana-dana, saronde, and also any others dancing. About the common music like pop and rock Indonesian is nearly the same with outside music. Here some bands like Ungu band, Peterpan, wali, Samsons, Ada band, The cangcuters, D’massiveDewa 19, Nidji, Project Pop and others which exist in pop music. There are also some bands that exist in rock music, example: seriues band. American music is heard all over the world, such as through Channel V, VH1 and by singers such as Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper, Mariah Carey, and the Backstreet Boys; American movies and television shows can be seen almost anywhere. As I know, in America pop, rock n Roll, R n B, Hip-Hip is  much better known in there, I haven’t heard their traditional music ever. Maybe because I lived in gorontalo, so I don’t know how the real conditions over there is. But, as long as I saw In television, I think that Indonesian Music Is different wih American music.
Television and Movies
Television in Indonesia began on August 17, 1962 in Jakarta with the state-run station, TVRI, which began broadcasting on the seventeenth anniversary of Indonesian Independence. It held a television monopoly in Indonesia until 1989, when the first commercial station, RCTI (Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia) began as a local station and was subsequently granted a national license a year later. Since then, several commercial stations have started up. As of 2006, eleven nation-wide commercial networks are available: RCTI, TPI, SCTV, antv, Indosiar, Metro TV, TV7, Trans TV, Lativi, and Global TV. Several regional television stations serve viewers even in remote and poor areas. Each Network held many programs like, news, performance of “Wayang Kulit”, sinetron, concert, and also the movies init west film. In Indonesia movies that taken from outside of Indonesia, has been cut in porn path, Such as getting sex. In America the movie that Include porn path wasn’t cut, Especially in HBO Channel. Not only America broadcasted porn path in the Movies, but also in other countries. They are too free to broadcast everything about their private life. There are many differences between Indonesian Movies and American movies. Examples: Indonesian Movies is really simple and the way of the story is easy to be guessed. And the expense for making the film maybe lower than Americans. Moreover, American’s films are really fantastic and amazing because it has great effects of the film, like an explosion which happen in the film. Besides, they don’t have any fear in the dangerous action and also in breaking the building and cars. That is really great for me, so that i am in love with the film which made from America. American movie actors and actresses are widely recognized such as Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise. They are really famous all over the world, different from Indonesian actors and actresses, they are famous only in Indonesia. When they go abroad, only a few people know that they are artist from Indonesian.  
Islam is Indonesia's main religion, with almost 88% of Indonesians declared Muslim according to the 2000 census, making Indonesia the most populous Muslim-majority nation in the world. The remaining population is 9% Christian (of which roughly two-thirds are Protestant with the remainder mainly Catholic, and a large minority Charismatic), 2% Hindu and 1% Buddhist. Gorontalo is also majority Islam and called “Serambi Medinah”. Its the sign that Gorontalo’s people are obedient of Islam Rules. America is the majority of Christian religion and maybe there are some people which don’t have any belief in God and called “Atheis”, but, I don’t know exactly what the truth is.
The Pancasila, the statement of two principles which encapsulate the ideology of the Indonesian state, affirms that "The state shall be based on the belief in the one and only God". But In America, I do not know what the based of their states are.
Many traditional games are still preserved and popular in Indonesia, although western culture has influenced some parts of them. Among three hundred officially recognized Indonesian cultures, there are many kinds of traditional games: cockfighting in Bali, annual bull races in Madura, and stone jumping in Nias. Stone jumping involves leaping over a stone wall about up to 1.5 m high and was originally used to train warriors. Pencak Silat is another popular form of sport, which was influenced by Asian culture as a whole. Another form of national sport is sepak takraw, which is originated from Melaka. The rules are similar to volleyball: to keep the rattan ball in the air with the players' feet.  Sports in America are more specified in modern sports, like car racing, bike racing, surfing, skiing, and any others. skiing is one of the sports that couldn’t be played in Indonesia, cause there is no snow in indonesia that falls in winter season like in America (in sub trophies countries).
Most of American People is really care about time. For them, Time is extremely important. The foreign Visitor might feel that Americans are more concerned with getting things accomplished on time than developing deep of personal relationship. The international visitor soon learns that it is considered very rude to be late even just 10 minutes for an appointment. Different from Indonesian People, most of them are always come late if they have a meeting with the clients or friends. They don’t care about times, even it is an important meeting. Examples in Gorontalo, when someone was invited to a meeting at 8.00, they came at 9.00. It also same as the meeting between the lecture and the student, when the schedule of the lesson starting at 7.00, the lecture has just come after 30 minutes or more and it becomes the culture in Indonesia. So that, waiting become a boring thing in Indonesia.
Maybe that is a little bit about their differences. I think, there are many others that i didn’t tell you yet. Pardon me if I wrote the things that weren’t same with the reality in America. 

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