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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bicycle for Health and Environment [My Writing Assignment]

Bicycle is a simple vehicle and everyone can own it. People generally used bicycle for sport rather than for transportation. It is maybe because bicycle is really slow and tiring for them. Talking about the advantages, bicycle is good for our health and environment. We can use bicycle (cycling) to get benefits for our health. There are several benefits that we can take by using bicycle for our health and environment, such as, burning our fat, reducing risk of heart disease, and decreasing air pollution (“Benefits of Bicycle”, 2009).

First, bicycle can burn our fat. Using bicycle or cycling is really good for us. It gives benefits either for fitness or burning off the unwanted fats from our body. To burn 1 pound of fat, we need 3500 calories. If you want to burn fat by using bicycle, you will need 20-30 minutes to exercise each day. It will reduce your fat faster than fitness that you do once in a week (“Fat Burning Chart”, 2009). I think this is the better way for you to reduce the fats in your body if your purpose is for loosing your weight

The next benefit that we can get from cycling is reducing the risk of heart disease. The researchers said that, 30 minutes jogging or cycling can definitely reduce the early death of heart disease. They offered patients of heart disease for walking, jogging, and cycling for 30-40 minutes in 12 weeks. The study shows that it reduced 60 percent of patient of heart disease from early death just in 3 months (“30 minutes of jogging or cycling cuts early death risk from heart disease”, 2009). From above, we can see that the risk of heart disease can be reduced by doing cycling.

Another benefit of doing cycling is that we can decrease the air pollution. As we know, bicycle doesn’t create air pollution because it only uses human’s energy to ride it. It doesn’t create CO or NOx which is the dangerous molecule for our air. Neither CO nor NOx could be absorbed by trees to be turned in Oxygen (“Air Pollution Causes and Effects”, 2009). Those molecules would be trapped in our air especially in atmosphere and causing Global Warming. If we use bicycle, we can of course decrease the forming CO and NOx to the air and it will be good for our environment.

As I explained above, we know that there are several benefits that we get from using bicycle or cycling. By doing cycling, we can reduce our unwanted fats from our body. It is really good for people who want to reduce their weight because it can burn many fats. Besides reducing fats, cycling can also reduce the risk or heart disease from early death and also can save our environment from destruction of Global Warming. After knowing all above, I recommend you to do cycling for exercising. Besides it is good for you own health, it also can help our environment from the forming of air pollution.

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